Abyssal Demons – Duradel and Nieve


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Duradel was introduced to OSRS in October 2005. His combat level is 98. You can do a variety of tasks in Duradel, which will earn you valuable items. These include a variety of potions and other items. He also sells a variety of different items, including a range of Slayer equipment that will boost your damage and healing stats.

When it comes to the number of Slayer task assignments in Duradel, the most advantageous ones are those that reward high kill counts. In addition, Duradel will assign you tasks with higher experience rates. In addition, you can also use a Slayer Helm, which is a combination of all items you need for Slayer tasks. This will make it easier for you to remember what to bring for the assignments. You can also use Task Extensions to increase the amount of kills you can do for certain tasks.

Among the main characters in the game, Duradel OSRS is the chief assassin of Shiloh. You can hire him to do a number of different tasks for you need $ 50 in order to hire him. You can also deduct this cost from your account after completing the Shilo Village mission. You can find a number of other works in Duradel’s Shiloh Village, including a few abyssal demons. Duradel also offers feasting administrations, which are worth 2,250 coins.

If you want to become a slayer master in Duradel’s Shilo Village, you will need to be level 50 and have 100 combat. You can also buy a Slayer cape from him for 99,000 coins. The iconic face paint of Duradel is reminiscent of that of other RuneScape characters. He also has a unique hairstyle, which is probably inspired by the Sikha, a male Hindu with a shaved head. As a result, his clothing resembles those of a Hindu saint.


The first thing to know about Nieve is that she has a lot of cousins in the game. They all control areas that require slayer tasks. Her cousins are Steve, Slieve, and Eve. Steve has the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon under his control, and Eve manages the Black and Blue dragon areas. Then, there’s Lieve McCracken, who oversees Kraken Cove and Hieve, who runs a separate metal dragon area within Brimhaven Dungeon. And Nieve’s uncle, Pieve, maintains the Smoke Devil Dungeon.

While Steve and Nieve can be great Slayer Masters, their abilities are very different. Duradel will assign you higher level monsters, while Nieve will assign you lower level ones. Using your dwarf cannon can help you kill a lot of monsters at once, but it is not cheap. It will cost you 750K GP, so you should only use it when you’re leveling.


The first thing you should know about Duradel is that he is the highest-level Slayer Master. His prerequisites are a Combat level of 100 and a Slayer level of 50. However, if you are below those levels, you can still apply for the job. Additionally, Duradel will accept your character, as long as it is at least 99 Slayer.

The main reason to make Duradel your Slayer Master is to get high-level Slayer points. In addition to giving you high-level Slayer experience points, Duradel also assigns you high-level Slayer tasks. Each of these tasks gives you 15 points, and if you finish them all in a row, they will award you with multipliers.

The next thing you should know about Duradel is that he is harder than other Slayer Masters. In fact, if you want to get as much XP as possible, you should first increase your combat level to 100 before choosing Duradel. This is because the tasks given to him will give you more experience points and not OSRS gold.

Niev is another good Slayer Master. Although it is more difficult to get, Niev rewards more XP than Konar. This character is a good option if you’re looking to save time. It’s also a good choice for players who need more combat power in order to be a Slayer Master.

Although Konar is the third highest slayer master in the game, he only gives you Slayer points after completing certain tasks. The Slayer Master quests require slaying Abyssal demons at certain locations. Despite this, it’s still worth trying to find him.

Abyssal Demons

Abyssal Demons are not the only monsters to fight in OSRS. There are also hundreds of different quests in the world, including those that unlock new creatures and locations. These quests also grant you with unique Slayer monsters that offer brilliant drops and excellent XP. The best way to get the best Slayer assignments is to complete the Duradel and Shilo Village quests. Slayer masters also offer excellent XP rewards for completing their tasks.

Abyssal Demons are a challenge that requires level 85 Slayers to kill them. Their attack speed is high, but they’re prone to teleporting and are weak to demonbane weapons. To level up, you’ll need to be a Slayer, and the 3rd floor of the Slayer Tower is the place to find them.

In order to get the Slayer cape, you need to kill powerful NPCs in Duradel. It costs 50 coins to access the services of the Slayer Master in Duradel. This fee is waived if you complete the Shilo Village quest. You can even find a slayer master named Lapalok who has no such fees.


Duradel had a daughter, Kuradal, who was close to him. She was trained by him in combat and Slayer, and was very competitive. She soon surpassed her father, and her Slayer master, Morvran (an elf from the Iorwerth Clan), in the game’s Slayer mode. When Duradel was killed, she was preparing to meet her mother.

Duradel is a combat expert who first appeared as a fighting expert in February 2011. He is a play on the real-life Slayer Master Duran. His name is also a nod to the game’s developer, so you can bet he’ll be making more content in the future.

Duradel’s shop also contains a variety of different potions. He also sells Slayer equipment, which you can trade and use in PvP worlds. These new items do not affect combat stats, and are also used for cosmetic purposes. Additionally, he can perform tasks in the Kuradal dungeon.

While he was recruited to hunt Lucien, the adventurer was also recruiting other warriors for the task. These warriors were called Slayers, and Duradel was one of eight. Temporarily, Lapalok took Duradel’s place as Slayer master at Shilo Village. However, Lapalok was a Disciple of the Devourer, and both Duradel and the adventurer would meet their demise.