Metalman’s Reverie Review


Metalman’s Reverie is the second mixtape from American recording artist Tinashe. The project was executive produced by Tinashe and Hitoshi Sakimoto. Hitoshi’s composition obscures the melody, while Tinashe’s arrangement is a mix of rock guitar, orchestral hits, and playful organ.

Tinashe was the executive producer for metallman’s reverie

Tinashe’s sophomore mixtape REVERIE was created in her room. The mixtape received praise from music critics for its spacey beats and vocals. It was compared to the work of Jhené Aiko. While the project has received favorable reviews, it is too early to say how it will fare in the music industry.

The album’s sound was inspired by the PBR&B sound of In Case We Die. It has a touch of electronica and alternative hip hop, and is filled with Tinashe’s trademark sultry vocals. Various producers contributed to the mixtape, including BMarz the Producer, Best Kept Secret, Troobadore, and JRB The Producer.

Hitoshi Sakimoto was the author

Hitoshi Sakimoto was born in 1969 and has worked on over 180 projects. He describes himself as a video game enthusiast and says he began working on games at a young age. His early work includes the shooter Revolter and he created the Terpsichorean synthesizer driver, which was later implemented into several Japanese games in the early 1990s. Eventually, he began his career as a composer and has written music for over 180 video games.

After leaving Square in 2002, Sakimoto established his own music company, Basiscape. This company has grown to 10 composers and is the largest independent video game music production company in Japan. In addition to his work on video games, he has written music for vocal albums and anime series. He has also arranged his music for piano and published it as sheet music. The original Final Fantasy XII soundtrack was composed using his own Z80 assembly and sound engine.

Hitoshi Sakimoto is best known for his work on the video games Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. He has also composed the soundtracks for over 80 other games. In his early career, he began writing music for video games as a freelancer. He later began working on video games professionally with video game producer Masaharu Iwata.

Hitoshi Sakimoto was the executive producer for metallman’s reverie

Hitoshi Sakimoto is a Japanese composer who founded Basiscape music studio in 2002. The company is one of the largest independent video game music production companies in Japan. They have worked on several titles, including Final Fantasy XII. Their work can be heard on many of the game’s soundtracks. They have also contributed to several arrangement albums for other video games.

Hitoshi Sakimoto is an industry veteran with over 180 projects to his credit. His credits include videogames, animated series, and independent albums. His extensive experience as a composer and sound designer has landed him high-profile positions in the entertainment industry.

Hitoshi Sakimoto began his career writing music for tactical RPGs with SQUARE ENIX. His work in this field included composing themes for FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, Final Fantasy XII, and Vagrant Story. These games helped expand the company’s profile and increased its demand.

Metalman’s Reverie is the second mixtape by American recording artist Tinashe

Metalman’s Reverie is the second release from American recording artist Tinashe. Released on September 6, 2012, it was the follow-up to Tinashe’s debut mixtape, In Case We Die. Before establishing herself as a solo artist, Tinashe was the lead singer for dance-pop group The Stunners. During this time, she released a series of non-album singles, including “Artificial People,” a collaboration with OFM in 2011.

Tinashe’s Reverie mixtape received overwhelmingly positive reviews from music critics, who praised its spacey beats and Tinashe’s enchanting vocals. Many compared the sound of the project to that of Jhené Aiko.