What Does Vlone Mean?


Vlone is a French term for “I live alone and I die alone.” The word may be interpreted as a shorter version of “we are alone.” Vlone is an expression that encourages complete independence and control of your own choices. It is not uncommon to hear the term used in reference to a fashion line or a style of living.

It is a fashion line

Vlone is a fashion line by A$AP MOB. It is a brand that promotes the freedom of expression. The brand also provides motivation and support for its customers to achieve their goals. Their merchandise is sold online and in physical stores. When the line first hit the market, they were able to double their profits.

Vlone is a very influential brand in the fashion industry. It was started by Jabari Shelton, who is known as Young Lord and A$AP Mob. The brand is also supported by Edison Chen, who created the clothing line. With millions of followers, Vlone is continuing to make waves in the fashion world. Its designs are making a difference in the culture of clothing, and the brand has become a staple in the hip hop world.

It is a lifestyle

Vlone is a clothing line and a lifestyle. The founders are big names in hip-hop and street culture, like A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti. Despite being an upstart label, Vlone has partnered with other big-name labels like OFF-WHITE and Wes Lang, who was responsible for the Kanye West tour merchandise. They have also created a pop-up store in downtown Los Angeles called Stateside. They are also known for being unapologetic about their success and failure.

The Vlone logo is a stylized form of the word “alone” and is printed on a large portion of their clothing line. This logo is significant because the letter “V” is a symbol of being alone and not part of a group.

It is expensive

Vlone is a brand of clothing made for men and women. Its hoodies and other premium items are the main reason for its fan following. The brand has grown in popularity over the past few years and continues to expand as a company. If you are wondering why Vlone is so expensive, you might want to consider the brand’s meaning. The Vlone logo is simple but has become popular with people who want a stylish look. The name Vlone literally translates to ‘live alone’ and is a symbol of independence and freedom.

Vlone began as a way for young people in New York to express themselves and make a difference in the world. The designers aimed to make clothing that spoke out against social injustices. They also launched the first social media image rights platform. Their efforts have helped people all over the world get access to their images.

It is unique

There are many reasons why Vlone is unique. From its low prices to its high level of customer support, Vlone has something for everyone. Their free shipping and delivery options are great, and they offer live chat and phone support. They also offer a tutorial to help you set up your account if you’re a first-time customer.

Vlone’s logo is very distinctive. The name of the brand appears in a serif font, but the letters are taller than usual. The letters are divided into two parts by two different colors, and they’re usually rendered in a brighter color.

It is designed by Jabari Shelton

In 2013, Jabari Shelton and Kamoni Chandler founded Vlone in Harlem, New York. Together, they created the brand, which has quickly gained fame in the fashion industry. Shelton and Chandler were formerly known as ASAP Bari and ASAP K, and they also founded the hip-hop group ASAP Mob.

The collection was primarily comprised of t-shirts and denim, but also featured outerwear and frills. In 2017, Vlone and Nike teamed up to release the Vlone and Off-White Collection, which includes tees, track pants, and long sleeved pullovers. The brand’s roots can be traced to Harlem, where Shelton grew up. In June 2017, Vlone held its first runway show in Paris.